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Can I add other stuff in here and have outbound links, internal links and more text without it being seen? We help CEOs and their executive teams align around a high-level narrative that clarifies strategy and powers success – in sales, marketing, fundraising, product development, and recruiting. Supercharge business growth through the power of storytelling. Make sure your content is story based, not fact based. We’re in the business of remembering, and story frameworks help prospects retain the information we’re communicating. Stories are more powerful than facts because they fully engage the brain. Which means that you are literally using more of your brain when you are listening to a story. And because you are having a richer brain event, you enjoy the experience more, you understand the information more deeply, and retain it for longer. Bigger than any tagline or campaign idea, it’s a core truth that can’t be disputed because it’s based on beliefs we all share. 

Story Marketing Blog

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    June 6, 2022

    The first touchpoint

    A touchpoint is the first point of contact a customer has with your product, and it’s almost always offline. It could be your receptionist, manager, or just someone in the community that they heard about you…
    Ten laws of branding
    Brand Identity
    June 3, 2022

    My Ten Branding Laws

    There's branding laws and there's "commandments" of global branding (you know, all the P-words - people, positioning, place, product, price etc). I prefer my own set of branding laws. There's only ten, but they're potent and…
    B2B buyers have emotions
    B2B Marketing
    June 3, 2022

    The Great B2B Buyer Delusion

    The B2B buyer world is suffering from a delusion, and it’s this: that the B2B buyer always acts in a rational, logical, and economic way. That’s why most B2B marketing efforts are focussed on pushing product…
    Stand Out Content
    Content Marketing
    June 2, 2022

    Obvious and non-obvious content

    According to the gurus at "The Category Pirates", there are two types of content: Obvious and Non-Obvious. Each type of content is consumed in different states of mind, which we call “reflexive” and “reflective.” Reflexive readers…
    Brand purpose
    Brand Strategy
    September 1, 2021

    How a brand purpose defines you

    Everyone thinks their brand is special, one-of-a-kind, but without a brand purpose, your customers don’t see that and connect with it. So, what’s the point? The good news is, you can create meaningful connections, gain loyal…
    Hand coming out of cardboard box holding lightbulb Story IQ
    July 1, 2021

    Why hire a marketing agency?

    The first thing you need when you have a business, is customers. Without customers you don’t have a business. But why hire a marketing agency? Because before you can sell your product or service, you need…
    vineyard Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc the terroir of branding Story IQ
    Brand Storytelling
    June 21, 2021

    The terroir of branding

    What does branding have to do with where and how a wine is made? In November 2019, Marlborough winemakers raised a glass to celebrate the trademarking of the Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) certificate in international markets.…
    Greg Foran Air New Zealand
    April 1, 2021

    Narrative and numbers

    Narrative in business - here's an example of how storytelling could have changed the effect of one important email. Let me start with one of the best business quotes I have read recently, from bestselling author…
    Story IQ the curiosity gap
    Content Marketing
    March 28, 2021

    The Curiosity Gap

    We are born curious. As infants and children our curiosity has no end – it’s how we learn about the big wide world we have been brought into. As adults, we regularly consume information and scroll…