Read our customer testimonials

Nitya Padman – Canon Australia
“Steve and his team worked with Canon Australia for over 5 years. They really hit the sweet spot between a large advertising agency and smaller design company. They have the strategic and creative firepower of a larger ad agency combined with the responsiveness, high quality design and affordability of a smaller design firm. They’re also incredibly easy to work with and committed to adding value to our business.”

Steve Haines – ColorCote
“We’ve had a really successful partnership with Steve, Nicqui and the team over the last four years. They have worked with us on a significant brand transformation project that has touched every aspect of our business from product naming strategies, through to new print collateral, trade stands, website, and digital advertising. The results have been phenomenal. Significant growth in market share, record sales month after month and the Marketing Leadership award at the 2016 Marketing Awards.”

Sonja Webb – OfficeMax
“Steve has been a valued brand strategist for OfficeMax over the last 5 years and spearheaded the strategic thinking behind the re-positioning of our OfficeMax brand a number of years ago. He has a deep knowledge of business storytelling narratives and the ability to see where the perceptual white space is in the market and create a brand positioning strategy to successfully fill it.”

Mili Goswami – Conferenz
“I had first approached Steve when I first got started on the New Zealand Marketing Summit 2018. He was very helpful in the process and provided valuable insight into the importance of storytelling. Steve then went on to chair a stream at the event and in addition delivered a session on the same. His session was very well received by the audience. Steve has spoken at several Conferenz events and always leaves the audience wanting more. He is a great speaker and easy to work with”.

Nadia Clews – Villa Maria
“I can highly recommend speaking with Steve regarding Story Driven Marketing. His presentation to the marketing team at Villa Maria was educational, informative and gave plenty of food for thought on how to apply it within our business.”

Dave Murdoch – SimTutor
“Being a start-up we don’t have the luxury of wasting money on ineffective marketing strategies.
The strategic workshop Steve ran for us has really helped to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our marketing. We now have a greater clarity around our messaging, customer personas and the best channels to use to get our message to market”.

Gareth Baker – Moderno
“In the early stages of setting up my business I became aware something was missing. I got in touch with Steve at Story IQ to talk about developing a compelling brand story. I really liked their 3-stage process and our initial story strategy session was super valuable in defining my messaging. Story IQ  produced a brand story that was spot on, and then translated that into copy and visuals for our website.”

Olivia Blaylock – David Forman
“Steve is an intuitive, creative marketer and has been a valuable strategic communications advisor to David Forman. His unique combination of business nouse, marketing expertise and brand narrative skills has really helped us to refine our messaging and brand positioning”.

Craig Manson – Manson&Co
“I have worked with Steve as a marketing advisor for over 15 years in leadership roles at Canon and most recently Manson&Co. He is one of the best marketers in the business and has always been a great strategic sounding board for me. Steve is an accomplished speaker and has a deep understanding of brand storytelling. I’m excited to see this play out in Story IQ and to continue working with Steve and the team.”

Grant Archibald – Speedy Signs
“Speedy Signs has experienced significant growth over the last 5 years, and Steve’s continuing strategic input and marketing mentorship has made a big contribution to that. Steve and his team have worked with us on a range of marketing projects from a nationwide brand refresh to television and radio campaigns and content marketing. This has helped us raise the profile of the brand, create deeper engagement with our franchisees and win more customers.”

Hannah Wood – Little Lato
“We had the opportunity to work with Steve and team to develop a narrative for our brand story. We loved the enthusiasm, encouragement, and insights that Steve provided, and we were really happy with the story that was depicted. We think this will be invaluable to us as we grow as a brand!”

Tony Ryall – Best Start
“Steve helped us get crystal clear about what is the unique value we deliver to parents, and how to structure that into a compelling narrative connecting with our staff and customers. He helped bring our mission, vision, and values to life in a unified way to describe what we do. This is having a very successful impact on our team’s engagement as we roll out the new story across the organisation.”

Gabrielle Manu – Villa Maria
“Leftfield holds a unique position in our portfolio and required an equally unique approach. What made this project a special one for us is Steve’s refreshingly different approach to brand storytelling. Anyone can ‘talk the talk’ but Steve and his team were able to deliver a strategic direction and brand story that didn’t just talk at people – it invited them into the story.”

Ken Youngson – InnerFit
“We can often find ourselves in the dilemma of knowing intuitively what our Brand story is about but struggle to find the words to describe it clearly and succinctly. This was us at InnerFit, enter Steve and the team at Story-IQ. Steve took us through a discovery process that enabled the writing of the InnerFit story clearly articulating our purpose and point of difference. I highly recommend Steve and his motley crew of storytellers – they are truly gifted.”

Liz Davis – Uptake Fertiliser
“Trying to convince farmers that the reason their production is low is because they’ve been over fertilising for too many years is not an easy job. We needed a better way to educate farmers that what goes on in our soils affects the pasture, the animals, and ultimately our very existence. Story IQ nailed it with “Our future lies beneath our feet” brand story, resonating with them not just on a business level but a personal, emotional level as well.”

Jain Tait – Ata Touch
“Try as we might, potential customers were having difficulty understanding just how our energy saving home automation system worked and what you could achieve with it. We luckily saw the Story IQ website and spoke with Steve of Story IQ who sat down with us and helped us identify the solution.  He and the team presented us with a unique brand story that clearly defined the Ata Touch offering. They then produced an explainer video, refreshed our website to reflect our new brand story messaging, and took care of our digital marketing. It has been a pleasure working with Story IQ and they took the weight off our shoulders in trying to digitally connect with our customer markets.”

Anne Lindsay – Marketing Manager – Purex, Sorbent, Handee (Asaleo Care)
“Our Kawerau Paper Mill has a truly unique sustainability story that differentiates us from our competitors. The key challenge was simplifying this story and how it could be told in an engaging manner. Story IQ helped framework this story by visiting our Mill, reviewing Purex, Sorbent and Handee brand positioning and how this could ladder up to an Asaleo Care manufacturing story. We have been delighted by the outcome, the structure and skill in story development has helped us with a clear direction to guide both our communication platforms and key brand strategies for many years to come.”