Read the first two chapters of Radically Different for free.

Download first 2 chapters FREE

Read the first two chapters of Radically Different for free.

Download first 2 chapters FREE

Now more than ever, competition is insanely intense for small businesses!

Thanks to the internet and the digital revolution, your market is now enormous – but sadly for you, that also means you’re no just longer just competing with other businesses in your area. If you run a retail business in Sydney or Auckland you’re now competing with thousands of companies from around the world. The digital revolution has also given customers more power and made them more fickle and less loyal, because they have unlimited options to consider.

You're advertising, doing social media and asking for reviews, just like everyone else - so why aren’t you getting any pie?

Because. You’re. Just. Like. Everyone. Else. If you’re offering the same thing as your competitors, at the same price, in the same market,
then yeah, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

I’m Steve Ballantyne.

I’ve started start-ups and entrepreneured the hell out of a lot of things, but I’ve spent most of my career in the advertising game. And 30+ years of working with over 200 companies in Australasia and the world - gives me the guts to say, “You’re doing it wrong”, and show you how to fix it.

But wait - how can you be doing it wrong if everyone else is doing it? “One million people can’t be wrong,” and all that.

Well I suppose that depends on the size of your market, but actually, that much competition makes it really hard to get business and just dilutes any profit you do make.

Wouldn’t you rather stand out from the rest?
Be better than the rest?
Be happier than the rest?

In my new 150-page book, RADICALLY DIFFERENT, I’ll explain the definition of differentiation as it applies in a marketing context. I’ll tell you why this is so important, show you examples, and share a proven methodology to radically differentiate your business to make people choose you.

What else is in it?

  • Over 80 examples of companies who have used radical strategies to differentiate themselves.
  • Loads of practical marketing ideas and strategies I have formulated from working with over 200 customers over a 30 year period. Advice I normally charge thousands of dollars for.
  • The latest research on why our brains are wired for contrast and difference.
  • Loads of inspiring quotes, anecdotes and imagery.

You’ll also discover:

  • Why businesses need to be radically different to succeed.
  • Why you should stop focusing on what your competition is doing.
  • Why being a me-too business or brand doesn’t work.
  • The importance of having a contrarian mindset.
  • How to identify your brand’s unique position in the marketplace.

I’ll give you a proven framework called The Road to Differentiation
that will help you radically differentiate your business.

Just $9 puts you on the road to ending blandness and beige!

And with your $9 purchase you get access to a free update for the next edition which will be published later in the year with new examples.

So, nine bucks. I’m kidding, right?

I’m even being different with the price of my book. It’s not $9.95. It’s not $10. With what you’re getting in the book, I should be charging $499 – after all, it contains the wisdom and learnings from hundreds of branding projects over the course of my career, for which I charge thousands in workshops.

For nine bucks, the 150 pages in RADICALLY DIFFERENT had better change the way you think. It had better stop you from making the same mistakes over and over again, mistakes that are getting you nowhere. It had better make you forget what you think you know about marketing.

It had better change you from ordinary, into RADICALLY DIFFERENT.

If you want to blend in, go unnoticed, not be talked about, keep your nine bucks. I don’t need it. Use it to buy a couple of flat whites on Saturday morning, along with everyone else. Enjoy your time in that queue, in that sea of black puffa jackets.

But seriously. Why aren’t I charging more?

Because small businesses are competing not only with each other but with larger companies as well, which is unfair because they don’t have the budgets that bigger businesses have. And when those big businesses were small, they didn’t have the competition that small businesses of today have.
I know, it sucks to be you. That’s why I’m not charging more.

If you’ve skipped to the end of this page:

It’s a book called RADICALLY DIFFERENT.
It’s for small businesses who aren’t getting enough action.
It’s a distillation of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in 30+ years of marketing.
It will get you thinking and behaving differently to attract the right people to your business.
It’s a distillation of my $10,000 brand workshops, yours in book form for just $9.00.

But wait - there’s more!

At the end of the book, you’ll find an invitation to a 30-minute one-on-one Zoom call – just you and me – where you can pick my brains about anything marketing related.

And with your $9 purchase you get access to a free update for the next edition which will be published later in the year with new examples.
That’s a piss-poor hourly rate, right? And I’m not going to ask for your business or try and sell you anything else. If you want to pass my details on to someone you think could benefit, then I’d be happy enough with that ????