The Ata Touch Brief

Ata Touch is a home automation technology company that was struggling with consumer perceptions. Confusion around technology and a piecemeal approach to home automation were the villains that were disrupting Ata Touch’s business. They needed to remove the complexity around home automation, demystify technology and explain the automation in a more human approach. 

Deliver brand copy that clearly explains the simplicity and intuition of the technology, what each solution includes, and how the technology is modelled on the human body.


“The Intuitive Home”

Using ground-breaking, intuitive technology, Ata Touch gives you sophisticated, customised comfort and greater energy efficiency. Ata Touch has completely revolutionised home automation technology with an innovative new concept that takes a more human-centred approach.

We call it the “Intuitive Home”. A home that intuitively fits the way that you live. It’s more than a smart home. It’s a holistic, fully integrated system that brings water heating, room cooling/heating, lighting, access control and smoke detection together in one simple, intuitive solution.

Most home automation technologies are not able to do this in one platform, so homeowners have to piece together different solutions that don’t always connect effectively with each other. This can be complicated, stressful and confusing.

Specifically designed for New Zealand’s unpredictable climate, Ata Touch sees, senses and adjusts to its internal and external environment and intuitively anticipates your needs – just like the human body does.

It intelligently automates tranquillity by customising comfort zones, controlling temperatures and lighting levels room by room throughout your home and maximising energy savings. This ensures that everyone in the family is happy with their comfort level, unoccupied rooms are not needlessly heated, and heating/cooling is turned on when and where you need it.

TESTIMONIAL:  Jain Tait, Executive Director of Ata Touch says:

“Try as we might, potential customers were having difficulty understanding just how our energy saving home automation system worked and what you could achieve with it. We luckily saw the Brand IQ website and spoke with Steve of Brand IQ who sat down with us and helped us identify the solution.  He and the team presented us with a unique brand story that clearly defined the Ata Touch offering. They then produced an explainer video, refreshed our website to reflect our new brand story messaging, and took care of our digital marketing. It has been a pleasure working with Brand IQ and they took the weight off our shoulders in trying to digitally connect with our customer markets.”