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Our Work

Our work Steve Ballantyne has web design and recruitment divisions based in Auckland, Tauranga and Melbourne.  Our team is led by Steve Ballantyne.

and his talented team of strategists, writers and designers help companies connect with the heart and soul of their our work brand, or what we call the “moral of your story”. Our work is bigger than any tagline or campaign idea, it’s a core truth that can’t be disputed because it’s based on beliefs we all share. With a free strategy consultation you will learn how to connect with the heart and soul of your brand, what we call the moral of your story. Bigger than any tagline or campaign idea, it’s a core truth that can’t be disputed because it’s based on beliefs we all share.How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many potential customers can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise?  How many of your events are half empty because people don’t understand why they should attend? How many people are passing up your consulting? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal. Our solution is founded in storytelling because stories are so powerful. It’s fundamentally human. 


A story about a tractor.

Toustone Data Company

A full brand refresh for tech company Toustone

Narrative magic for Waipuna

Brand structure & video for Kordia

Brand structure & video for Kordia

website refresh Galilee Solicitors

Website refresh for Galilee Solicitors

blended beauty skincare

A story based on true beauty

Television time for promo & branding company

Framecad connection diagram

Framecad explores a global story

Speedy Signs store

A complete brand refresh helps Speedy Signs grow

Speedy Signs marketing campaign

TV ad for Speedy Signs’ female buyers

Sky TV get powerful commercial sales decks.

Brand story marketing agency

A quirky and unexpected brand story for Leftfield Wines

ETV website upgrade

Winstone Aggregates launch key values

Narrative strategy for Asaleo Care eco story video

Uptake Fertiliser Story IQ

Uptake Fertiliser tells a story about the future

Beyond business-as-usual for Moderno


InnerFit helps character development in kiwi kids

Ata Touch Intuitive Home

An intuitive brand story for Ata Touch


OfficeMax finds their audience

Livesign website – digital signature verification

Gaze Burt gets a new look

Corporate Consumables brand development

Brand development for Corporate Consumables

A new brand perception for Canon

Making culture visible

ColorCote house by beach with TVNZ Marketing Awards 2016 logo

A brand refresh for ColorCote

Yellow website

Yellow gets a human face

Canon big red ads

Canon discovers the power of radical honesty