The InnerFit Brief

The InnerFit brand story tells of a charitable trust formed to guide young New Zealanders to develop foundational skills and structures using sport as a context and metaphor. Using their unique approach to teaching, InnerFit helps teachers, coaches and business leaders use tools that develop well-balanced, strong, focused people capable of making better life choices.

InnerFit needed their brand story to clearly project their approach for developing coping mechanisms and building character in our future kiwis. In a world full of opportunity, our kids are becoming more and more disconnected from each other in a physical sense.

“Character education for a new world”

Our children live in a world of greater opportunities than ever before. Unlimited job choices, travel options and endless access to information, entertainment and social media on multiple devices. Their opportunities are infinite.

Despite all these advantages, this generation has never been so challenged. For all the amazing technology at our fingertips, we have never been more disconnected.  As the line between toys and technology blurs, how do our children develop character and values for a new digital world, that also prepare them for the real world? 

Their playground is no longer restricted by a fence. Their world is now an online one with a reach that goes beyond borders and boundaries. We can’t see into the future and set rules for technology that hasn’t yet been imagined, so we owe it to them to impart good principles for living, both online and offline, to give them a safe, successful future.

So many of our children are lacking in simple character traits like respect, perseverance, resilience and self-control. With few coping strategies, life challenges can become too much to handle, resulting in high suicide rates and the increasing need for mental health support.

How do we solve this? The answer does not lie in new technology but a return to character education – a more holistic approach to learning and development. Overseas studies have shown that when the character is developed, achievement quickly follows.

InnerFit is a charitable trust providing resources for character development in our children’s formative years. Our educational tools for teachers use games and sports to build good character traits. These can then be integrated with other subjects to further embed the behaviours. Using this programme, children are confident, more settled and better behaved, leading to a lift in academic achievement.

With teachers, guides, and coaches helping to build strong character traits and behaviours in our children early on, we ensure that our kids have the ability to make better choices throughout life, especially when life isn’t easy.

TESTIMONIAL: Ken Youngson, Founder & CEO, InnerFit
“We can often find ourselves in the dilemma of knowing intuitively what our Brand story is about but struggle to find the words to describe it clearly and succinctly. This was us at InnerFit, enter Steve and the team at Story-IQ. Steve took us through a discovery process that enabled the writing of the InnerFit story clearly articulating our purpose and point of difference. I highly recommend Steve and his motley crew of storytellers they are truly gifted.”