Changing the viticulture story

This is a brilliant story about Smart Machine, a company founded by three clever kiwis with a passion for product design and engineering, and how they’ve revolutionised viticulture with their fully autonomous, multi-tasking “tractor”.

The team’s vision was to create a machine that could perform multiple vineyard tasks in a single sweep, solve labour issues, speed up processes, and provide accurate data for every single vine. Smart Machine collaborated with Pernod Ricard to develop the technology for the autonomous machine and then took it to the next level by completely reimagining the tractor.

The strength of an ox, with intelligent technology

Combining the capabilities of an ox with intelligent technology to create a machine that can work autonomously, and safely and efficiently tackle all the necessary jobs in a vineyard, the “Oxin” is a game-changer for the viticulture industry.

Brand IQ was approached by Smart Machine to help them craft their brand story and create a tagline that would encapsulate their vision for Oxin. We worked closely with the Smart Machine team to understand firstly what the machine does, and then their goals and values and developed the tagline “Re-imagining the tractor.” The tractor was something that everyone in the industry could relate to, and our tagline effectively communicated that Oxin was a new and improved version of the traditional tractor.

Robotic vineyard tractor

The Oxin working the vineyard rows

Communicating the innovative technology

The brand story was incorporated into their website, communicating the passion and dedication that the Smart Machine team had for Oxin and how it was changing the viticulture industry. We wanted to convey the importance of their vision and how it would impact not just the industry, but also the environment and society as a whole.

The client also asked us for help writing a video script that showcased the Oxin working in the vine rows. The video was an effective way to communicate the capabilities of the Oxin and how it could help farmers save time and money while also improving the quality of their crops.

Smart Machine’s Oxin has received recognition and accolades from the viticulture industry for its innovative technology and its potential to reshape the future of viticulture. This is a project we’ve been particularly thrilled to have played a part in, helping Smart Machine tell their story and communicate the vision behind Oxin. Re-imagining the tractor has never been more important, and Smart Machine’s Oxin is leading the charge.