The brand story brief

Uptake Fertiliser says that with the fast, excessive pasture growth occurring from superphosphate introduction 100 years ago, our soils have become exhausted. The biodiversity has been compromised, the soil microbes unable to perform properly, and our food quality has been negatively impacting human nutrition. Restoring the nutrient balance and microbial communities in our soil has become super critical.

Deliver a brand story for Uptake Fertiliser that expresses that by farming in harmony with the micro-organisms in the soil we can begin to find a sustainable path forward.

“Our future lies beneath our feet”

When superphosphate was introduced to New Zealand farming in 1925, it gave pastures a massive boost in production. Excited farmers throughout the country could see their families’ future, with a booming agricultural industry providing ongoing success. Over the next few decades this fast pasture growth allowed them to significantly increase their stock units, positioning New Zealand as a world leader in agribusiness.

However, the continuous and excessive “dumping on” of mineral fertilisers that contain none of the vital trace elements has severely compromised soil biodiversity and our critical underground food web. With soil fertility dropping and nutrients at dangerously low levels, we are no longer producing quality, nutrient-rich pasture. Stock are not reaching their full potential, requiring additional supplementary feed, nutrients and veterinary intervention. Consequently, the composition of our food is changing, with fewer proteins and increased carbohydrates, negatively impacting human nutrition.

For 35 years, Uptake Fertiliser has made the health of New Zealand’s soil its chief priority, 100% committed to educating farmers on the detrimental effects of overuse of phosphate-based fertiliser. Uptake uses a customised diagnostic approach of soil testing and designing fertiliser mixes that are unique to each farm block. Correcting nutrient deficiencies and restoring the microbial communities in our soil is critical, but it won’t happen overnight. A gradual shifting of nutrients from the soil to the plants and animals leads to better grass, better animal health and better farm production.

Our future depends on the health of the living earth beneath our feet. It’s where we grow our food.

We know you can’t change the way you farm overnight. What you can do is allow us to demonstrate the benefits of our soil health first approach on just 20% of your farm. An on-farm consultation, detailed soil analysis and assessment of minerals and trace elements in your soil will allow Uptake to make a custom-blended mix of mineral and organic suspension fertiliser unique to your conditions. You’ll not only be impressed with the results, you’ll be on your way to a more sustainable future for your family.

TESTIMONIAL: Liz Davis, Uptake Fertiliser
“Trying to convince farmers that the reason their production is low is because they’ve been over fertilising for too many years is not an easy job. We needed a better way to educate farmers that what goes on in our soils affects the pasture, the animals, and ultimately our very existence. Brand IQ nailed it with “Our future lies beneath our feet” brand story, resonating with them not just on a business level but a personal, emotional level as well.”

Steve Ballantyne and his talented team have worked on brand stories for Purex, Villa Maria Wines, Ata Touch, Moderno Solutions and many others.

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