Brochure design for worldwide audience

The FRAMECAD system is the world’s only complete end-to-end system for rapid cold-formed steel construction, with technical innovation that is reshaping the business of building worldwide. Delivering large scale cold-formed steel (CFS) construction projects faster with its advanced steel framing automated process, construction is happening rapidly, smartly. However, the perception was that it was a much smaller, localised Asia-Pacific business, when in fact it had a presence in multiple countries around the world. Our challenge was to communicate the importance of versatile design, build speed, and sustainable solutions in the future, as well as their global presence, in a positioning line that works in all corners of the world?

Keeping it simple

Simplicity can often be the challenge with brochure design, but we developed a clear, unique positioning line that works worldwide. ‘The way the world constructs’ supports the vast scale and multiple advantages that the FRAMECAD cold-formed steel system has over traditional construction techniques.

We designed and developed their collateral, the circular patterns weaving throughout connecting people, intelligence and automation, and strengthening communities across the globe with the message “think global build local”. Customers and employees throughout Framecad worldwide understand the direct, unambiguous positioning line and are enjoying the fresh, clean look of their new brochureware range.

global construction workers
brochure spread
technical brochure cold formed steel
Think global build local