Sky TV loses revenue to Covid

The commercial division of Sky TV encountered a whole lot of problems when the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns hit New Zealand. Their clients in the hospitality and accommodation sector experienced a massive loss of revenue from tourism and social gatherings, and that meant their commercial clients were much more likely to cancel their subscriptions.

Without their usual influx of customers, accommodation and hospitality customers of Sky TV were looking to aggressively trim costs and as part of that process – started to question the value of their commercial Sky subscriptions.

So, Sky TV needed to re-think the way they sold in the commercial space.

Convincing hospo clients to keep subscriptions

Sky asked us to review and refresh the messaging in their commercial sales decks and help them build a far more convincing and compelling case for their commercial customers to keep their Sky subscriptions.

Using proven narrative structures combined with indisputable statistics, simple graphical slides and sharp imagery to sell the Sky story, we created two compelling slide decks to help Sky’s sales team overcome the perceptual barriers they were facing with their commercial customers.

The sales decks showed accommodation and hospitality businesses how to get the very best from the extensive services Sky has to offer, from exclusive live sport for their regulars, hot Hollywood blockbusters for guests, or the ultimate jukebox to keep customers happy. And they also built a strong business case for Sky subscriptions – providing research to show that live broadcast events encourage customers to stay longer and spend more, not only increasing spend per customer but also overall revenue.

Gratefully received by the sales team, the presentations were useful in persuading commercial customers to retain their subscriptions during difficult times.