The ETV brief

If you have school-age kids, ETV is probably a household name. It’s widely known in the education sector, providing a platform for video content to schools throughout New Zealand. It is the largest online video platform for educators in New Zealand, with over 150,000 videos, searchable with rich metadata added, and viewable on demand.

ETV is an excellent resource for teachers. It has a particular focus on New Zealand-based content which makes it relevant to our curriculum areas. The interactive elements make ETV a useful tool in the classroom and teachers have access to a range of content that you can’t find elsewhere.

However, ETV’s website was old, the sheer amount of content slowing it down, and the search functionality needed updating.  The imagery didn’t communicate their offering in a meaningful way. It needed an upgrade both technically and visually to make it more fun, more user-friendly, with intelligently categorised products, a slicker search function, and more captivating imagery.

The new website

We worked with our sister company Austin Digital to develop a new design with striking imagery to create a sense of the magic of learning, rather than just the functional, less interesting side of education. A year later the client says the website continues to work well for their schools, and is generating a reliable stream of new enquiries.