Livesign identify verification

Australian law firm, The Law Store came to us to help launch their signature verification product Livesign.

High value transaction documents are at the heart of the financial and legal industries. They’re the key to every mortgage loan, and every settlement. So, while we may call loan documents, contracts and client authorisation forms high value transaction documents, are we really treating them as such? 

Who really signed the document?

When getting documents signed digitally, there’s no way of knowing who’s behind the keyboard. Verifying the identity of a client separately to the signing of documents means anyone could be signing the documents. Several cases of fraud associated with digital signatures have been reported in recent years, with devastating consequences for individuals and the reputation of businesses involved. 

Livesign is a revolutionary digital tool for the identity verification of individuals signing important documentation remotely. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it is essential that we have systems in place to verify the identity of those we interact with online, especially when it comes to legally binding documents such as mortgage fulfilment transactions.

We are proud to have designed and built Livesign’s new website, showcasing the product’s features and benefits to potential customers. Our team created a user-friendly online experience that highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of Livesign’s verification process. With our help, The Law Store is now able to promote and sell Livesign to clients across Australia, offering a valuable tool for any organisation in need of secure and efficient digital verification.

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to help bring Livesign to the market.