Gaze Burt reception

Gaze Burt: “We see law differently.”

Gaze Burt’s origins go back to two law firms that were established in the 1920s, whose Christian heritage continues with the current directors. That heritage, and the values shared by the entire Gaze Burt team, underpin their desire to “see law differently.”

The firm serves a rich diversity of individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Many of their clients are outstanding leaders, both personally and in their business endeavours.

The brief

Gaze Burt wanted to be recognised for their fresh and honest approach to law, breaking away from the win-at-all-costs paradigm of traditional law firms. They needed to develop their point of difference with new branding and brand messaging using different strategies that would appeal to a younger generation of talent and clients.

A different breed of lawyers

We developed a new positioning line for Gaze Burt that they could genuinely live and breathe. “We see law differently”, is a statement that embraces all corners of their service offering, and differentiates themselves from other law firms. Their bright new colours and shapes signify integrity, insight, diversity and change, and communicate truth, relationships and positive change, the intrinsic values of their practice.

Their website underwent a massive overhaul, with bold statements inferring a team of professionals living in the real world, understanding and caring about their clients’ legal outcomes.

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