The Speedy Signs brief

After touting Speedy Signs’  15 sec animated TVC for a couple of years, our research uncovered that female buyers in marketing and office admin roles were becoming a more significant factor in the purchasing of signage products. As most of Speedy’s advertising had been targeting a predominantly male audience, Speedy Signs needed a new ad that would appeal to their growing audience of female buyers while communicating the range of signage products and services they offer.

The 30 second challenge

Although it was a challenge to show the full range of products in 30 seconds while maintaining the existing animated style, we succeeded in extending the Speedy Signs van journey through town to show more of the signage options available. And to engage with our female audience, we introduced Jane, a young woman who, via one of Speedy Signs’ outdoor signage solutions receives the ultimate surprise marriage proposal in front of thousands of people at a packed rugby stadium.

The ad has been tactically placed in both sport programmes and programmes that appeal to our female target audience. The nationwide band of franchisees are happy that they now have a longer TVC that communicates the range of signage they can provide, in an ad that appeals to their ever-growing female customer audience.