An opportunity to shine.

When Speedy Signs, a large sign group with over 25 franchises, came to us in the hopes of a brand refresh that would set them apart from their competitors, we jumped at the chance to help them shine. Not only did Speedy Signs need a brand that would help them step out of the shadows in a visual way, they also needed to reinforce the benefits of their service. If Speedy Signs wanted to add real substance and grit to their independent identity, they needed to be more than just a pretty face. They needed a story with some integrity – and an offering with enough weight to make a real impact.

After conducting extensive market research, it became obvious that we needed to:

Position Speedy as industry leaders within New Zealand.

To do this, we focused our strategy on helping Speedy lead by example, demonstrating how properly executed branding can accelerate growth – the intention being that if people saw how successful their own efforts were, they’d be more trusting and willing to employ their help. This involved:

  • Creating a vibrant logo design with a digital, 3D feeling, positioning the brand as modern innovators.
  • Using colours that closely aligned with NZ’s heritage, helping Speedy to better connect with their audience on an emotional level.
  • Developing a new brand positioning story with a benefit-driven tagline, which helped to expand the perception of the company’s offering.
  • Rolling out their new look and feel across their large vehicle feet to demonstrate the impact branding has on growth.
  • Making their now-iconic van the hero of their TV ads, which filtered through to digital ads, social media, print and into the company’s Sign Buyer’s Guide.

And the result?

The new look and feel revitalised the brand, has been a total hit with customers and paved the way for 8 years of solid growth. Speedy now firmly stands on its own two feet and shines in its new identity, not to mention, their lead-by-example ethos has built huge trustworthiness and loyalty among audiences throughout New Zealand. Now they have a story that’s all their own.

TESTIMONIAL:  Grant Archibald, Founder, Business Franchise Group

“Speedy Signs has experienced significant growth over the last 8 years, and Steve’s continuing strategic input and marketing mentorship has made a big contribution to that. Steve and his team have worked with us on a range of marketing projects from a nationwide brand refresh to advertising campaigns and content marketing. This has helped us raise the profile of the brand, create deeper engagement with our franchisees and win more customers.”