Television advertising gives credibility

Television advertising does wonders for your credibility as a brand. Being the only brand in your category advertising on TV is next level.

EmbroidMe supplies and brands apparel for construction & trades, corporate, education, hospitality, healthcare and sport & fitness. They fulfil the nation’s branded apparel and promotional products need from their 15 franchised stores throughout the country.

With dozens of competitors, EmbroidMe has to take branding and marketing seriously and they’re fortunate to have a great committee driving the business. Their stores and vehicles are signwritten and they have a large database of customers to offer the latest seasonal or industry-appropriate deals to. They run regular campaigns on national radio and their website is updated regularly with new products.

So what else could they do?  Television.

Brand IQ did some research and confirmed that none of EmbroidMe’s competitors were advertising on TV, presenting a great opportunity for EmbroidMe to own the airwaves in their category. With 66% of their target audience watching 14 hours of TV each week, Brand IQ’s media department selected the TV channels that perform best for the target audience of females 25-54, while remaining cost effective for the modest trial budget.

Our creative team got to work and presented a concept that would pop on TV and stand out in the ad breaks. It needed to feel alive, appeal to our female target audience, and show a small selection of EmbroidMe’s thousands of products and various branding capabilities. We wanted bright colours, attractive models, and a snappy, memorable tune – on a budget.

We knew still images would work really well if we chose a great soundtrack – and it meant we could take advantage of the day’s studio hire to photograph loads more clothing options for use in catalogues and window graphics.

Putting together a fashion shoot of around a hundred garments from different suppliers, with only two models in just one day was a challenge, but we ended up with thousands of fabulous images to use. Morgan Jamieson, EmbroidMe’s marketing co-ordinator, Mandy Shoebridge of EmbroidMe Newmarket, along with Sarah Archibald from Business Franchise Group made sure the models were wearing the correct clothing for each shot, while Steve Ballantyne and Nicqui Redman from Brand IQ directed the poses, expressions and lighting.

Post-production involved a lot of Photoshop work by Brand IQ’s design team, designing logos and demonstration the different branding processes to the garments. Then each finished frame was put together in time to the beat of the chosen soundtrack.

The result was a fun, energetic 30-second TV commercial that can easily have frames updated for changing seasons, new products, or different colours.