Website refresh combines legal and technical prowess

A website refresh for Australian law firm Galilee Solicitors was needed to convey not only their legal credentials, but their technology expertise.

Having been acutely aware of the hassle involved in fulfilling mortgages for some time, Galilee developed a digital mortgage fulfilment solution for banks and other lenders. As well as reducing up to 10 days in the process for their customers, it enhances accuracy and reduces costs for the lender’s customer.  What it means for the lender is that they’re able to grow their portfolio of mortgages, because they take less time and reduce friction and stress for the borrower.

Content first – always.

We take a different approach to website development. While most web designers start with a wireframe and aesthetics, we always start with the messaging and brand story. If you think about movie making, what comes first – the words or the pictures?

The script. The script is written well before the set designers and cinematographers get to work on the visual look of a movie.

In the same way, we take a content-first approach to website work, whether it’s a website refresh, or design and build. We know you want your site to be beautiful and easy to use, but it needs to be functional, telling your story in a way that’s both engaging and compelling. Then we work with you to design a website that will not only look great but also help you achieve your objectives.

Know your client – and their customers.

We embarked on Galilee’s website refresh by learning everything there is to know about them, their customers, and what makes them different from their competition.

We composed a brand story for Galilee that could be used throughout the website, clarifying what they do and defining the benefits to both the lender and the borrower, simply and engagingly.

Then we played with imagery, colours and layouts to bring the content to life visually, treated their logo to a new font, and created a more modern, appealing website that’s a million miles away from the usual stuffiness expected from traditional law firms.

The Galilee stakeholders couldn’t be happier with their website refresh – they now have a hub for their business that not only looks cool, but tells their story and defines their product offering to their target audience.