Brand refresh for a cohesive online presence

Partnering with Toustone to execute a comprehensive brand refresh that encompasses their website, brand story, and logo, our goal was to position Toustone as a leading player in the global tech solutions space and bring their “data unification” message to life. To ensure that Toustone’s brand refresh was comprehensive and aligned with their mission and vision, we worked closely with their team to develop a brand story that would guide the website design and copy.

A brand story to shape the website’s design

The brand story that we developed for Toustone was a crucial component of their brand refresh, serving as a guiding principle for the website design and copy. The story emphasised Toustone’s commitment to data unification and the importance of having a single source of truth for data-driven decision-making. It also highlighted their mission to help businesses harness the power of data to drive growth and innovation and helped to shape the website’s messaging and design.

Our design team created a visually stunning, uncluttered website with an exciting new design, featuring a dynamic animated circular device that reflects Toustone’s message of data unification. At the same time, we revamped their logo to better align with their new brand identity and mission. These design elements were seamlessly integrated into the website, creating a cohesive and modern online presence that sets Toustone apart from the competition.

Making complex services “gettable”

Our copywriting team spent quality time with Toustone to understand their target audience and crafted messaging that speaks directly to their clients’ needs. We emphasised the importance of a single source of truth for data-driven decision-making, effectively communicating Toustone’s complex services in an easily digestible way. Throughout the design and development process, we conducted frequent feedback sessions and made iterative changes based on Toustone’s input. Brand IQ’s work resulted in a comprehensive brand refresh that highlights Toustone’s unique value proposition and sets them up for success in the competitive tech solutions space.

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth launch for Toustone’s new website, managing the go-live process from start to finish. The end result is a modern, visually appealing website that effectively communicates Toustone’s unique value proposition and sets them apart in a competitive market.