A story of discovery

Writing a brand story for a business is always a learning experience. You discover things you had no idea you didn’t know. In our case this can be anything from tech and construction, to charities, education and agriculture.

Although Brand IQ typically helps B2B companies find their mark, it’s refreshing to indulge in a little B2C from time to time. The Blended Beauty Co was one of the nicest forays into B2C we’ve done.

A blend of only the best ingredients

Natural skincare alchemist Debbie Murada believes that feeling good about what you put on your skin plays a big part in your confidence journey. At the heart of her brand story is the hand-blending of only the purest essences to create skin care solutions to reveal skin with a vibrant, healthy glow. No preservatives. No nasty chemicals or alcohol. No water. No lies, no fake promises, no unrealistic airbrushed models. Who needs them? Her careful, precise blending of the best ingredients provided by nature has resulted in award after award at the Organic Beauty and Australian Non-Toxic Awards every year since she began.

The truth within

Writing a brand story for The Blended Beauty Company was easy, particularly after sampling her products for ourselves! The beautiful packaging when it arrived, the heady citrusy scents, the smooth, buttery balms left the skin feeling hydrated and deliciously velvety to the touch.

There was no doubt that what Debbie was doing was natural alchemy, and this notion led us to the theme of her brand story. The Alchemy of True Beauty.

Starting with Debbie’s indignation at what the world’s largest skincare manufacturers are selling to women of all ages – unrealistic ideals of fake beauty and bottles of very expensive water and chemicals – we defined “true beauty”.

The visible glow of confidence that comes from being comfortable in your own skin. Accepting, loving and embracing age instead of trying to defy it, and travelling through this life with grace instead of arguing with Mother Nature and trying to turn back the hands of time.

With her promise that her skincare will never be produced in a factory, we imagined Debbie the carefully, meticulously mixing the purest ingredients, like an alchemist of old, crafting fresh, mystical potions with magical intentions.

“Your face tells your story. Gentle laugh lines reflect a life of love and laughter.
Skin tone reflects generations of ancestry.
Don’t hide these wonderful characteristics – show them off!
Using my blends of pure ingredients lets you put your best face forward, a face that needs no artificial enhancements to be beautiful.”

In case you can’t tell, it was an absolute pleasure to write a brand story for Debbie and The Blended Beauty Co, and she now has a growing group of fans here in New Zealand.