Yellow goes from nerd to cool

This was our fundamental task when Yellow briefed us to concept and produce a fresh new integrated lead generation campaign for their Google AdWords. Previously, Yellow’s brand perception was not always the ray of sunshine their name suggests, people saw them as a faceless and un-human corporate. This had to change.

What we discovered

Before we started work on the campaign, we did some strategic work on branding their AdWords team. The aim being, to provide a younger, more appealing human face for the company. Yellow eventually settled on the name AdNerds for their smart young team of AdWords professionals.

What we did about it

Enter… The Transformation Story. It was time to get to work on developing a series of digital ads and landing pages that would highlight Yellow’s successful customer stories – one person’s story is always more powerful than a company story. People relate to people.

By focusing on their young AdWords team, and getting to know their needs better, we matched their existing customer stories to specific value propositions that would resonate with individuals, not robots.

And the result?

The lead generation campaign not only produced strong sales leads, but also worked wonders for staff morale – they finally have a shared vision and sense of direction. Nothing drives a company forward like collective ambition.

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