Brand development in the stationery cupboard

Often brand development is the biggest difference a company can make to their bottom line – removing their makeup and stepping outside with bare skin. This is a lesson we taught Corporate Consumables when they approached us with their desire for a full re-brand – a new name, new logo and new website and digital asset design.

stationery company direct mail brand

What we discovered

As one of NZ’s top suppliers of office consumables, they knew something needed to be done to their offering… But they didn’t need a lift, they needed a full brand development. There’s a difference.

It was time for them to go bare and take the less is more approach to marketing.

What we did about it

The desired look was a friendly, accessible and modern complexion. The answer? To present an unpretentious, down-to-earth manner by building a brand message that is customer-centric and benefit driven. So, instead of going fancy and gimmicky, we went traditional and unambiguous with their brand name – The Office Supply Cupboard. To offset the simplicity of the brand name, we used vibrant colours for a contemporary feel.

And the result?

The new name and identity told a story. It was memorable, tangible and links to something we all understand at a basic level. We integrated the name, graphics and direct mail launch pack with integrity, making the brand story stand out miles apart in its category.

Office Supply Cupboard Direct Mail
Office Supply Cupboard Branding concept