Powering the future with USB-C

Legrand, a global leader in electrical products, is paving the way for a revolution in charging technology. They recognised the shift towards USB-C as the universal standard for electrical sockets and wanted us to develop a campaign to highlight this evolution.

Innovative campaign launch

Introducing “The Future of Charging is USB-C” – a campaign that merges innovation with imagination. We utilised AI technology to craft a series of futuristic images, featuring robotic androids connecting to USB-C charging sockets. These visuals captivate and illustrate the seamless integration of USB-C into our lives.

Social media buzz

Launched across social media platforms, the campaign generated buzz and excitement about the future of charging. The unique blend of futuristic aesthetics and practical technology solutions captured the audience’s attention, demonstrating Legrand’s commitment to innovation and leading the charge in electrical standards transformation.