AI travel imagery comes to the rescue for Serko.

AI travel imagery is a game-changer when you’re in the business of business travel – because getting original photography in every big city in the world can be super-expensive.

Our innovative solution utilises AI to create a series of unique travel visuals. These AI-crafted images are not only distinctive but also embody a playful and whimsical essence, capturing the adventurous and innovative spirit of Serko. Travelling to big city business destinations to photograph images in the Serko brand style would have cost upwards of $10k per session when you take into account flights, accommodation, photography, Photoshop, models… not to mention the time Serko’s creative team would have been out of action.

This strategic use of AI technology distinguishes Serko in the corporate travel market while also supporting their mission to connect and inspire business travellers at every stage of their journey. See more of our AI image magic in our AI gallery.