The AsaleoCare brief

Note: This was a brand strategy project, for which Colenso BBDO did the creative and production.

AsaleoCare is the company behind Purex, Sorbent and Handee tissue products, made in Kawerau, New Zealand. They came to us with a big problem. Although they have by far the best eco story to tell of any tissue brand in NZ, the message was getting lost in a consumer environment awash with misleading eco claims. They asked us to come up with a narrative for their eco story that communicated their wonderful eco attributes in the most compelling way possible.

A clear narrative

The first thing we always do is spend time talking to staff and customers to get a good feeling for the nuances of the story and the way the market might respond to it. In this instance we spent a day at their factory in Kawarau talking to key staff, and we also spoke to some of their customers on the phone.

AsaleoCare wanted a video aimed at consumers and customers, telling their unique eco story. We worked up a strategic messaging brief detailing the hierarchy of the most important messaging to be used in the video.

Then we engaged with AsaleoCare’s creative agency guiding them through a proven story structure (such as narration, contrast and conflict) to drive the story forward and make the video more appealing. The creative team at Colenso BBDO  did a sensational job of translating our brief into a charming animated video that communicates complex and technical environmental information while feeling like an enchanting kiwi story.