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Brand story
You’re not a big brand, big budget client, and we’re not a big brand agency. We work best with small to medium sized B2B businesses looking for what they can’t do themselves.

B2B Content Storytelling Packages

Increase your online presence and captivate your audience across LinkedIn without the hard work. You’ll get high impact articles and unique, visually stunning images that align with your brand story and style. For a limited time, get your first month free when you sign up for 3 months.

Story Starter

Ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses who don’t have creative resources.

What’s included?

2 x 500 word articles and 2 x unique AI generated images, created to align with your brand style.

$975 per month


Story Builder

For businesses wanting more recognition and to build a wider audience on LinkedIn.

What’s included?

Messaging strategy meeting, keyword research, 4 x 500 word articles and 4 x unique AI generated images.

$3000 per month


Story Leader

For those serious about becoming thought leaders, dominating your niche and building leads.

What’s included?

Messaging strategy meeting, keyword research, 6 x 500 word articles, 6 x unique AI generated images and 1 x 20 frame story carousel.

$4800 per month

Toustone Data Company

A full brand refresh for tech company Toustone

Brand structure & video for Kordia

Brand structure & video for Kordia

Television time for promo & branding company

Framecad connection diagram

Framecad explores a global story

Speedy Signs store

A complete brand refresh helps Speedy Signs grow

Speedy Signs marketing campaign

TV ad for Speedy Signs’ female buyers

Brand story marketing agency

A quirky and unexpected brand story for Leftfield Wines

Narrative strategy for Asaleo Care eco story video

What our clients say about us

Craig Williams, Kordia
Research and Brand Architecture Strategy

“After a number of successful business acquisitions over the past five years we tasked Brand IQ with developing a brand strategy and story that would unite them all under the Kordia umbrella. Brand IQ’s research-based approach ensured that we got a really deep understanding of not only how customers felt about the acquisitions, but how staff viewed the hierarchy and branding of the individual business units. Steve and his team helped us get the brand architecture right and developed a powerful brand story that everyone in the business could align with. Having worked with Steve previously he was the obvious choice for this challenge, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any B2B brand project.”

Steve Haines, ColorCote
Rebranding, Website & Content Creation

“We’ve had a really successful marketing partnership with Steve, Nicqui and the team over the last 8 years. They have worked with us on a significant brand transformation project that has touched every aspect of our business from brand architecture to product naming strategies, through to new print collateral, trade stands and advertising, website re-development, digital advertising and social media content marketing. The results have been phenomenal. Significant growth in market share, record sales month after month and the Marketing Leadership award at the 2016 TVNZ Marketing Awards.”

Sonja Webb, OfficeMax
Storytelling Training Workshops

“Steve is, naturally, a great storyteller, and as a result his storytelling training workshops are extremely engaging and thought-provoking. Steve tailored the content to suit our requirements, and the feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the storytelling workshop was so popular that we had to run a second one so that more staff could attend! The workshops are just the right balance of informative and interactive. The information is very practical and our people have been easily able to incorporate what they learned into their everyday work. Highly recommend!”